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============== Useful ============== -----> post voting plugin (Gauge the popularity of your content with user voting... essentially upvote and 5-star things) -------> Batch create users ( Create hundreds or thousands of sites and users quickly by simply uploading a csv or xls file.) -------> Auto Message ( welcome message to new users) ------> blog and user creator ( Batch create gazillions of blogs and users while setting passwords, urls, titles and more.)... almost same as batch create users. ----> Ultimate branding plugin (Make the wiki unique and give it a different feel than using the regular pbhs designs) ----> Custom sidebars pro (Supercharge WordPress widgets by easily creating and dynamically displaying custom sidebars on posts and pages.) ----> Members directory for the wiki( Automatically create a list of all the users on your network, with avatars, pagination and a built-in search.) ============== MAYBE ============== ----> (status updates that look like facebook) Bring the power of Facebook to your site and share links, images, videos or just tell the world what you're thinking.