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1) The interior page button (submit button) needs to have blue. 2) On the home page. Can you increase the character limit for the featured pages. The description gets truncated after the first period. Perhaps extend to 398 Characters. 3) I turned off the homepage content but it won't go away. I have refreshed the cache and did a hard refresh 4) FAQ PAGE doesnt match interior page mockup: 5) On mobile(iphone 5): The bubble(.before) image in the footer 6)On mobile(iphone 5): Disclaimer Page has a horizontal scroll For Sam: 1) The Application FAQ Page is empty. Here is a link: 2) The "GI" Anesthesia page is empty: 3) The urology page is empty: 4) Practice Management page is empty: 5) The Practice Management < Billing page is empty: 6) The Practice Management < Credentialing page is empty: 7) The Practice Management < Staffing Page is empty: 8) The Practice Management < Accreditation page is empty: 9) The Pain Management page is empty: 10) The Orthognathic page is empty: 11) Do they have a fax #? 12) What are the office hours? 13) Do they have social links?