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Hello, PBHS is testing your Contact Form as part of your service. Please reply to this message so that we know that your form is working. Thank you, PBHS




over 2 years Ago


Change your stars

over 2 years Ago


COMING SOON 2/23/2017

over 2 years Ago

New Opportunities

Coming within the next 3 weeks

over 2 years Ago

Winning the Hackathon

Need to make a smart mirror with phone connect, possibly Alexa and other services.

over 2 years Ago


Get fit & new great paying dev job where I learn and qualified for.

about 2 years Ago

Be a ladys man

Prince Charming, funny, nice, good looking

over 1 year Ago

Make a great impression on people

Be a great person and make people proud and want to be around me.

over 1 year Ago

Be successful

Get a great opportunity for my careers and excel at all my jobs

over 1 year Ago

Don't hurt anybodys feeling

Have a way with words and inspire and make others happy/proud.

over 1 year Ago

Get the job at Kreck

Succeed and excel at this new opportunity

over 1 year Ago

Have a connection with stephanie

Have a connected heart-to-heart with stephanie and make sure it's heartfelt and sincere and sweet.

over 1 year Ago

Have an amazing time at Kreck and Produce amazing work that makes them proud

Learn a lot but also show expertise and be great at the job and producing great work.

over 1 year Ago

Have a succesful career

Make lots of money and become very good at my job where I can impress people in the industry and outside of it

over 1 year Ago